About Us

Do you want to take a cycling vacation?

Are you unsure of where to go?

How We Help You

Many of our customers ask these same questions. We will walk you through the exploration phase and help you determine the type of vacation you desire.

The possibilities are endless and can be quite time consuming when trying to create your ideal trip. Leave the planning and details to us.

Our customers always have a say in planning their trip. We provide ideas. You provide the boundaries. Together we design the perfect action-packed trip.

Meet Our Team


As manager of Finish Line Cycling, John is responsible for service to each customer and leading tours. He has been riding for over thirty years and is geared up to lead another tour. His first bike was a Huffy, which he soon customized by removing all of the stickers, and painting it solid black.

John Chinkes guiding in the mountain of Colorado

After learning how to ride his personalized creation up the steep hills to his house, he realized he loved this new freedom, and began riding more frequently. Since then he has been racing all over the United States and even a little in Europe. His passion shows through as he tells tales about the latest race he participated in, recent tour coverage on TV, or yesterday’s club ride.

Knowing the effort it takes to win as a professional is inspiring and enjoyable to him, and helps him keep focused on his own training goals.  When he’s not at the Spring Classics in Belgium, he can be found riding with his local club or leading training camps in the spring.  John’s warm and friendly smile will help you go the extra mile on the bike and you will realize his enthusiasm is contagious.


Owner of Finish Line Cycling, Lynnda is the hub of the business. She is responsible for the administrative functions of the company and makes sure all trips are organized and running smoothly.

Lynnda Chinkes

There isn’t a detail she hasn’t thought about! Even though she has been riding for more than twenty years, she still has fond memories of her first bike which was powder-puff blue with five speeds. Lynnda rides to relax from the daily grind, and joins the weekly club rides around town to keep up with her climbing skills.

Riding through the local, rocky canyons is a favorite for her.

She has switched gears from racing, and is now managing tours, creating customized itineraries for private groups, and is responsible for all marketing functions of the company.

When not planning bike trips she tries to keep up with the kids at the park.


Henk bike racing

An essential guide for Bike Belgium, Henk has been wowing customers for many years. He grew up in Flanders and rides the famous cobbles every week during training rides. He knows the narrow country roads like the back of his hand.

His passion and enthusiasm is contagious. Our customers create a relationship with Henk that lasts much longer than the bike trip. He is available as a bike guide on bike tours and custom trips.


We specialize in custom bike trips. Find out how we can customize your next vacation.