Training Tips


During your bike trip you might put on 150+ miles during the week and in a variety of weather conditions.  Colorado can get snow in July in the high mountains, and sunburns are common in January. In Flanders, Belgium you could be riding in gloomy, cool weather in the spring, or even rain. You should be prepared for 3-5 hour rides because you are on vacation and your rides should be slower! An example of one of our guides is described here.

“…I will get ready for this by riding the trainer indoors (or outside, weather permitting) twice a week and one long 2-3 hour ride on the weekends.  As we are traveling in June or July, I would be well into this program at the end of May.  Prior to May I would be attending at least one spin class (or indoor session on the trainer) and 1-2 hours outside on the weekends…”


If you don’t have the time for the long rides on the weekends, you can certainly replace that with effort.  The spin classes we attend in Boulder also provide quite a bit of effort but have to admit that the indoor trainer is a time for easier spinning.  Studies have shown 30 minutes of intervals (1 minute on 2 off) is the same as 2 hours steady riding.


The best part of training is the recovery phase!  Make sure to stretch after every spring ride.  A good night’s sleep after a hard workout is very important to realizing gains from the effort.  Perhaps the week before traveling to join us you can skip one or two workouts to make sure you are fresh.


A recommended gear size of a 39-23 or 39-25 at the minimum is important, since most of the hills are long but not very steep.

Be prepared to change a flat (ie, tubes & pump) as you would at home. You may want to consider putting on new tires and tubes prior to departure to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable cycling vacation. A bike tune-up before the trip is also important to make sure your bike is in great working condition. We would hate to see mechanical issues ruin your vacation.

For complete and customized training we strongly recommend a coach!

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