Rent A Bike in Belgium

Are you taking a cycling trip to Belgium and need to rent a bike? It can seem overwhelming to find a bike to rent in Belgium. It can be very hard to find bike rental companies.

Should I rent a bike, or bring my own?

There are several factors that play into this question, but it ultimately comes down to a personal decision. If you would rather not pay airline surcharges and oversize bag fees, you may be a good candidate for renting a bike on your next trip. Traveling with your bike can slow you down in the airport and be a hassle. It is more convenient to rent a bike once you get to your destination.

If you are very short or very tall, have a custom setup, or have special parts you can’t live without, you should consider traveling with your bike for optimal comfort. With bike rentals being about the same as airline fees the decision really depends on your itinerary, terrain, length of trip, etc.

Are you still unsure of your options? Contact us with your current make/model and size you ride, and any useful information you want to provide about your upcoming trip, and we will walk you through possible options.

Having the right bike for your cycling holiday is one of the most important factors for enjoying your bike trip.

Road and racing Bike

Use a road bike for riding on the roads and paved trails.  If you are signing up for any of the Spring Classics trips this is the bike to use on the cobbles and race routes. Options exist in either carbon or aluminum frame bikes.

Hybrid or Touring Bike

These are also called touring or city bikes, along with a few other names.  If you are looking for a casual bike tour with less than 40 miles of riding each day, this is the best option to rent.

Panniers and Helmets

If you would like to challenge yourself to a self-guided route where you carry your bags from town to town, there are weatherproof panniers to help with the task.  We can also reserve helmets so you don’t even need to pack one.

Rent A Bike For Your Next Trip

Before you travel, contact us to see if we can help. We can answer your questions and offer tips to help you enjoy your next cycling vacation.

We specialize in custom bike trips. Find out how we can customize your next vacation.